Monday, December 12, 2016

Sir Stephen - Flavored Beats (Original Mix)

Small “Studio” places like Ghost ship rent for $150 a month and double as living spaces for these talented producers/musicians. Many end up sleeping on the floor by day and produce music way into the night. That’s the reality for producers that love music and can see how their stuff will be valued in the future more than it is in the present. This is going on all across the country and world for that matter. A sacrifice indeed. There is no reward at the moment. They sit back and watch as the talentless get the notoriety. It’s a constant struggle for those in the underground, always has been. Nonetheless they continue on, appreciated by the underground. Celebrated greatly by the future to come. So sad what happened in Oakland to these great producers of music. To 100% Silk, a wonderful label that goes out of its way helping musicians/producers and the fans of the label. 100% Silk always throws in extras when you purchase anything from them, and send special notes to you as well. I know they will rebound in 2017. The music is too important to stop now!

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