Thursday, June 7, 2012

For A Friend...

Ray Bradbury

"The October People".."Dandelion Wine"

What a pure genius! So many of his stories have sunk into my brain through the years, and unlike the other garbage, his stuff and influence never leaves me!!

Nothing hit me harder as a kid than the awakening from first The Martian Chronicles then later Fahrenheit 451!

His television show was a favorite at our house too for so many long late nights!!

Thanks so much Ray!! There won't another like you!!


  1. He was and is a favorite of mine, as well. His stories will be with us forever. I loved the TV series, too.

    1. Right on Eric!! That TV series was so damn cool man! I never got sick of his stories, did you know he wrote the screenplay for the film Moby Dick, not an easy book to condense at all! A cool man!