Friday, March 18, 2011

new frontiers...

stunning watch for the grimace
in balance with the milieu
wake up screaming with adrenalin
silvering everything in vision
to erupt in a bright blue spark
her negatives radiate each time
reaching some altitude now
failing to land on the dance floor
nothing is wrong to your east
stop signage disappearing from view
can't say anything this time of year
purring along to the beats of fear


  1. super photo! sums up the attitude in a second!

    and cool words too.

  2. Thanks! Nothing like the old electric glow coming off a Lowery's carpet or Hammond Sounder's keys huh!! Nice analog world right! That PanAm bag has made it's travels too huh! From it's origins of Coke flights in the 70's to 80's Hijack trips then to an Arabian's electric gizmo shop and finally a cat's washed out sound studio apartment!!