Monday, October 5, 2009

Something Out Of Nothing

John Hoagland

The journalist and photographer 'John Cassidy,' played by John Savage in the 1986 movie "Salvador" was loosely based on Hoagland. These are his last six shots before being gunned down by soldiers.


  1. cool link. and these dudes did all of this and had to carry and play with clumsy rolls of films. Even the last 6 shots say so much and they are so intense. You can feel all of the tension in that stuff. i'm sure if those old school camera rebels would have had digital cameras with heavy digital memory back then, they would have taken a shit load of photo/videos. And I'm sure it would have been easier to hide these small photo cards instead of bulky rolls of film.

  2. You know I totally forgot that these dudes were using rolls of film until you mentioned it. But yeah, I always thought it was sick how they would run around with all that equipment on even though they were in the middle of the shit, and still take the art of photography so the settings and modes on the cameras. Pretty nuts and then to die while doing it! At least Oliver Stone took notice!